10-10-710 does not work from cell phones

Calling to North America and the Caribbean

  Dial 10-10-710, then 1 + the area code + the number.
  For example to call Toronto: 10-10-710 + 1 + 416 + 7 digit number

Calling to International Countries

  Dial 10-10-710, then 011 + the country code + the number.
  For example to call France: 10-10-710 + 011 + 33 (countrycode) + number

Do not wait for a dial tone after dialing 10-10-710!

Dial all of the digits as if it were one phone number.

If you are still experiencing issues after reading the above tips,
For an immediate response please call Customer Service during business hours (Mon-Fri 8am-10pm, Sat-Sun 9am-5pm) @ 10-10-710-00.

If you are unable to dial 10-10-710-00 please use the form below.

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Please Take Note
The 10-10-710 service DOES NOT work from cellular or mobile phones.